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The story of a hunter who suddenly finds himself in a world of reversed roles when the weaker ones and nature strike back as a parable with a socio-critical commentary with provocative images that leave a lasting impression.


A hunter on the prowl. A stag in a scope. A finger on the trigger. But then – a crack. A smack from a faceless hooded figure.

A knock out and darkness.

After an indefinite time the hunter wakes up deep in the forest. But not only does he not know what happened - he is completely naked. Frightened and confused, he stumbles through the forest until he meets another man. He too - naked.

From there everything will be different and is certainly not what you would expect.


What was created here is a film that breathes more of the spirit of a music short film, which is certainly not for everyone.

However, it is a work that is an absolute passion project for me, into which I was able to put all the energy and passion without restrictions or limitations, which is otherwise not possible with many commercial projects. This is without reservation my visual and content world - for some this might be a disturbing or provocative roller coaster ride, but for me the true way of telling interesting and unconventional stories and to surprise.


Directed by Cyprian Hercka, "Hunter" by Affentanz is a music video that takes viewers on an unexpected journey deep into the heart of the forest, where the line between prey and predator blurs. This captivating piece of art is a perfect example of how music videos can transcend their traditional boundaries and become immersive cinematic experiences. The plot of "Hunter" is a rollercoaster of suspense and intrigue. It starts with the hunter on the prowl, setting the stage for a classic hunting scenario. But then, the unexpected happens. The hooded figure's attack takes the story in an entirely different direction, plunging our protagonist into a nightmarish ordeal. From that point forward, the video keeps viewers guessing and on the edge of their seats.

One of the standout features of "Hunter" is its remarkable use of music. Affentanz's haunting and evocative soundtrack serves as the perfect companion to the visuals, enhancing the tension and atmosphere throughout the video. The combination of the music with the creative directing creates a synergy that elevates the entire viewing experience.

Cyprian Hercka’’s direction is nothing short of brilliant. The cinematography is striking, with clever lens choices that add depth and intensity to the scenes. The use of color correction helps create an otherworldly atmosphere, making the forest feel both beautiful and foreboding. The visual effects are seamless and enhance the sense of mystery and danger.

The costumes and acting are top-notch, immersing us further into this strange and perilous world. The nakedness of the characters serves to underscore their vulnerability and the bizarre nature of their situation. The cast delivers solid performances, capturing the fear, confusion, and ultimately, the determination of their characters.

While "Hunter" straddles the line between a music video and an artistic short film, it's this very ambiguity that makes it so compelling. In this sense, the video's identity crisis challenges us to interpret the narrative and symbolism.

As the video reaches its conclusion, it leaves us with a sense of optimism. The resolution, while unexpected, adds depth to the story and leaves a lasting impact on the audience. It's a reminder that sometimes, what we perceive as hunters may have a more profound purpose, and our own roles in life can shift unexpectedly.

In the end, "Hunter" by Affentanz is a visual and auditory masterpiece. It's a testament to the power of music and film to transport us to new and uncharted territories. So, the next time you find yourself in the forest, remember that the line between hunter and hunted is not always as clear as it seems.







(...)The mention for best feature film goes to "La Espera" directed by F. Javier Gutiérrez and starring Víctor Clavijo, both present at the festival. The Best Short Film Award goes to "Ratón de Biblioteca" by Javier Yáñez.

In addition, the Isla Calavera Fan Club wishes to highlight the excellent reception of the voting results in the official section of feature films in competition, especially to 'La mesaita del comedor' (2022) by Caye Casas. We highlight its ability to subvert the genre, fulfilling the maxim that the genre must be transgressive, and for the courage and unclassifiability of its proposal.

Similarly, a special mention in the official section of short films in competition, in this case, to 'Hunter' (2023) by Cyprian Hercka, praising its intelligent, shocking and transgressive proposal, which leaves a lasting impression with indelible images.

Culturamanía (Canarian cultural magazine) about the best 4 films of the Isla Calavera FilmFestival 2023, Nov. 2023






Cyprian Hercka's "Affentanz - Hunter" is not just a music video; it's a cinematic marvel that stands as one of the most impressive and innovative works in recent years. Born in Katowice and raised in an environment steeped in artistic influence, Hercka has evolved into a filmmaker of extraordinary talent, and this latest project is a testament to his exceptional abilities.

The video is a masterclass in cinematography and staging. Timm Lange's cinematography is breathtaking, capturing the surreal and dark narrative with a meticulous eye for detail. Each frame is a carefully crafted composition, blending light and shadow to create a hauntingly beautiful visual tapestry.

Hercka's direction is a showcase of his artistic versatility. His staging is meticulous, with every element, from the actors' performances to the camera movements, orchestrated to perfection. The narrative unfolds with a rhythm and precision that is mesmerizing, drawing the viewer into its twisted tale.

"Affentanz - Hunter" transcends the traditional confines of a music video, melding the narrative depth of a short film with the auditory and visual impact of a music video. This fusion creates an immersive, unforgettable experience that is both unsettling and captivating.

In summary, "Affentanz - Hunter" is a remarkable achievement in the world of music videos. It's a work that exemplifies the potential of the medium when helmed by a visionary like Hercka. The video sets a new standard for what can be accomplished in this genre, showcasing Hercka's incredible talent and the power of visual storytelling in music.


Review by Lonely Wolf International Film Festival 2023, Dec. 2023





Cyprian Hercka’s “Affentanz ‘Hunter’” redefines the music video genre with its cinematic storytelling.

Moviemaker about Lonely Wolf International Film Festival 2023 lineup, Dec. 2023






AFFENTANZ – HUNTER, directed by Cyprian Hercka, plunges us into a forest teeming with suspense, dark humor, and surreal twists. This unique film flirts with the conventions of music videos and horror shorts, creating an engaging narrative that upends the usual hunter-and-hunted dynamic. The journey oscillates between the “civilized world” and the depths of untamed nature, creating a beautifully haunting experience.

Hercka, a Katowice-born director who later settled in Germany, infuses AFFENTANZ – HUNTER with his extensive artistic pedigree. His career, rich with diverse media projects over two decades, culminates in this film, which showcases his flair for blending unnerving elements with surreal humor. This mix crafts an experience that grips the audience with its unique storytelling.

The making of AFFENTANZ – HUNTER is as much a story of determination and creativity as the film itself. As an independent project, Hercka navigated the challenging struggles of budget limitations and logistical dilemmas. The crucial addition of Timm Lange as the Director of Photography was a turning point for the film, which was teetering on the edge of being shelved. The production team's grit in dealing with environmental challenges and adapting to a secluded forest setting amid adverse weather highlights their unwavering commitment to this artistic endeavor.

In a stroke of creative ingenuity, Hercka blended practical effects and CGI to bring the film's characters to life. This fusion elevated the film's realism and enriched its visual storytelling. Intricately woven into the narrative, the film's soundtrack deepens the story's emotional resonance and beautifully complements the visual journey.

AFFENTANZ – HUNTER offers an open canvas for interpretation, inviting viewers to see it as a study of human and nature relationships, a social critique, or an exploration of vulnerability and aggression. This multifaceted approach widens the film's appeal and sparks varied dialogues among its audience.

The most extensive critique I can give is the pacing for the 9-minute film; so much time was spent laying out the core elements relative to the story itself expanding, which happened so quickly at the end. This could be due to budgetary constraints, but I was left wanting more of this world. I want to see why, how, and what’s next for this flipped upside-down world!

AFFENTANZ – HUNTER is a brilliant showcase of Hercka's storytelling skill and artistic vision. The film boldly steps away from traditional narratives, urging viewers to delve into themes of vulnerability, societal dynamics, and introspection. The story of the film's creation, marked by Hercka's dedication and resilience, is as captivating as the film itself. AFFENTANZ – HUNTER goes beyond being a mere film; it serves as a platform for broader social and artistic discourse.

While watching this, I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite film quotes!

“Beware the beast, Man, for he is the Devil's pawn. Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport or, lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him; drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death.”
– The Lawgiver (as spoken by Cornelius in Planet of the Apes)

Overly Honest Film Review about HUNTER Screening at Slamdance 2024, Jan. 2024






Hunters wake up naked in the forest....

Wickedly wonderful horror film mashed up with a music video. It's a film that will make you wince and make you smile.

Because of the nature of the story I can't say too much, however I can say that this film is an absolute blast.  It's a glorious little film.

I want to see what director Cyprian Hercka does next because  this little film is one hell of a calling card.

See this.

Unseen Films about HUNTER Screening at Slamdance 2024, Jan. 2024

The biter bit. The insatiable predators Fritz Fenne and Thomas Brandlmeier must test their skills by playing The Most Dangerous Game (1932) on The Island of Doctor Moreau (1996). Cyprian Hercka's hallucinatory immersion conceives an adventure as exciting as it is terrible, sustained by abrasive, provocative and forceful images. Timm Lange is superb in cinematography accompanied by excellent production design and strident visual effects with maximalist work in all the details. The script transgresses the laws of evolution by mixing the roles in the animal fauna to reflect on the legitimacy of hunting, the ecstasy of entertainment, human monstrosity and our apocalyptic end.

FICIMAD about HUNTER  at FICIMAD 2024, March 2024

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